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Are you wanting to save money on your home or auto insurance and not sacrifice quality coverage?  You’ll probably call one of the insurance companies that you hear about on TV or the radio for a quote.  After all, they are the companies you are familiar with because they spend billions of dollars advertising.  Think about the last time you saw and/or heard a commercial about saving money on auto insurance.  You can probably name the company that ran the commercial.  Now think about another product that you like that perhaps you never heard or saw a commercial for it.  I’ll give you an example for me, the Little Giant Ladder.  I never have seen or heard a commercial for the Little Giant Ladder, but my wife bought me one for Christmas one year and it is one of the best pieces of equipment I own.  So what if there was an insurance company that you have never heard of, but has one of the best products available and because they don’t spend billions of dollars advertising can offer it to you at a lower price.  I know, I know, this sounds like a sales pitch, and I’ll be honest, it is, but it is also true.  As an independent insurance agency in Mesa Arizona, Insurance Professionals of Arizona represents a lot of insurance carriers you have never seen or heard a commercial for and yet these companies are still Fortune 500 carriers with A+ financial strength ratings.  They offer, in many instances, better products than the carriers you hear about on TV, and most of the time, they will save you money.  Not just a little money, a LOT of money.   The carriers are subject to the same legal processes as the other carriers.  They have to file with the Arizona Department of Insurance to offer insurance in this state and be considered an “admitted” carrier. Look, it won’t cost you a thing to give us a call and have us shop your home and auto insurance for you.  There is no obligation on your part.  You can make a few calls and maybe save a few bucks on your insurance, or you can make 1 call to IPA and let us save you potentially hundreds or even thousands on your insurance.  Call 480-981-6338 or visit www.insuranceproaz.com for more information.  You’ll never save any “real” money until you let us show you what we can do for you.

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