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People usually buy automotive and home insurance for the security of their personal assets, similarly private business owners buy commercial insurance for the security of the assets of their business. The assets of a business may include the movable and immovable properties of the business. This insurance covers up the risks faced by the business in its day-to-day working. There are various types of commercial insurance policies available these days that you can buy according to the needs of your business.

A brief review of some of the popular commercial insurances is provided in this write-up to help you purchase a suitable one for your business. These reviews will include probable risks to your business and types of coverage required for it and how you can shop for the best commercial insurance.

General Liability Insurance: It is one of the most popular commercial insurance policies. This policy will cover your business for damage to the property of others for which you are held legally liable. It will also cover you for bodily injury caused to another person for which you are held legally liable.

There are several online commercial insurance plans for business owners that can provide protection from various other types of risks, like insurance of property, automobile, as well as the loss of income to the business.

Commercial Auto Insurance: If your vehicle is used for business activities then it is appropriate to buy commercial auto insurance. Business auto insurance will provide the business a more robust coverage than that which would be found under a personal auto policy.

Workers Compensation Insurance: This business insurance covers the risk of injuries and illnesses of the employees while working within the scope of their employment. In most states, it is mandatory for businesses to have workers’ compensation insurance.

NYS Disability Insurance: If you have employees at your business in New York then this commercial insurance online will provide workers compensation insurance. Legally you will have to purchase NYS Disability insurance for your employees.

Professional Liability Insurance: This commercial insurance can also be called Errors and Omissions insurance or in the medical field Medical Malpractice Insurance. It protects your business from the legal liability of the damages caused by negligence or wrong advice. People in the medical business should certainly buy this insurance coverage and most other professionals such as attorneys, architects, engineers, and even contractors need it as well.

While buying any type of commercial insurance you should review all the types of business insurance discussed above as every insurance plan covers different types of risks. It will help you to by suitable insurance as per the nature of your business.

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