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We wish we could say that everyone who works in the insurance industry has the same ethical and fiduciary standards as Insurance Professionals of Arizona. Unfortunately, there are too many unscrupulous agents out there that give the rest of us a bad name. One way they do this is through a practice called “twisting insurance,” but all they are doing is twisting the rules.

What is twisting insurance and how does it work?

twisting insurance 1 Twisting insurance, also known as churning, is simply a form of insurance fraud. In this type of scam, an insurance agent attempts to persuade a customer to switch their current policy for another one – usually without informing them about the additional coverage or limitations, or even worse, convincing them to cancel existing policies. The unscrupulous agent then stands to gain from the switch as he or she may receive a higher commission from the sale of a new policy, even if it is inadequate for the client’s needs.

In other words, wisting happens when an agent or insurer convinces a customer to cancel their existing valid policy and replace it with another policy they are selling and it is NOT in the insureds best interest to do so. This practice is extremely unethical, as it can lead to customers paying more in premiums and being exposed to additional risk. Twisting can also refer to misinterpreting policy language so as to suggest more coverage than what is actually available.

In the end, it is a violation of an agent’s fiduciary duty by being dishonest, and not being fully transparent about both the policy they are canceling, and the new policy they are attempting to have the client sign up with.

Is twisting insurance legal?

No. In Arizona, twisting is illegal according to state law. The Insurance Code of Arizona states that no person shall solicit, induce, persuade, or attempt to persuade any person to purchase any kind of insurance through misrepresentation of facts material to the contract being offered by the insurer. They should not make false statements or misleading representations in order to influence a consumer’s choice of policies. Additionally, employers are prohibited from offering incentives in the form of discounts or other rewards if employees switch their policies.

The consequences for an individual or insurance company found guilty of twisting can be severe. In addition to criminal penalties—such as fines and jail time—they could also face suspension and revocation of their license if found guilty by a court of law. Furthermore, companies found guilty are subject to civil liability when customers suffer financial losses due to deceptive practices related to twisting such as false promises made about coverage levels and premium amounts.

Twisting is illegal because it essentially is defrauding a consumer. It also does not allow consumers enough time and resources necessary for making informed decisions regarding their insurance policies. Furthermore, it could threaten their financial security if the consumer ends up with inadequate coverage due to these deceptive practices, suffering financial losses after they have already made a purchase falsely believing they are covered.

On top of this, twisting can create legal problems for an insurer due to potential lawsuits from affected customers. If customers feel like they have been misled by false promises or misrepresentations, they may wish to pursue legal action against the responsible party if there is enough evidence proving that deceptive practices were used. This could result in hefty fines and possible jail time for anyone found guilty of engaging in twisting activities.

The importance of reading the fine print when signing up for an insurance policy

When signing up for an insurance policy, it is essential to read all the fine print carefully. Protect your finances and avoid twisting in insurance by understanding exactly what you are agreeing to and what is being covered. By taking the time to read every detail before signing any documents, you can ensure that you are not falling victim to any misleading tactics from your insurer and avoid unpleasant surprises further down the road. This also applies to any existing insurance policy you may have.

Independent and honest insurance agents, like IPA, always make sure to explain all details clearly and accurately, avoid exaggerating features or benefits, and never make false claims about what’s included with a particular policy. Furthermore, insurance agencies should use plain language when discussing policies with clients so that everyone understands exactly what is being offered without any misunderstandings arising later on down the line. Finally, having multiple layers of checks-and-balances within an organization can help ensure that twisting does not occur within its ranks since any instances would then become easier to detect quickly and prevent further damage from occurring.

By following these steps, insurers can ensure that their clients get all accurate information regarding their policies while avoiding any potential legal issues arising from deceptive practices such as twisting. This will help foster better relationships between companies and customers while protecting both parties from unwanted complications down the line – ensuring mutual satisfaction along with greater trust within the industry overall.

How to avoid being a victim of insurance twisting

legal twisting insurance Knowing how to avoid insurance fraud is an important step in guarding your financial wellbeing. Thankfully, there are certain steps you can take to ensure your insurance policies align with your needs and protect you from potential fraud. Researching different companies prior to making any commitment to purchase a policy is essential. Additionally, it is beneficial to ask the agent questions about any policy changes they would like to make so that you understand their motivations before signing off on them. Overall, arming yourself with knowledge and being aware of red flags can help you avoid becoming a victim of insurance twisting.

We at IPA strongly encourage all our clients to ask questions, take plenty of notes, and be completely comfortable prior to settling on a policy. That way both our IPA agents and clients can have peace of mind knowing that they have the best policy coverage for them, without any ugly surprises down the road.

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