Best Insurance companies offering low rates


Some of the top car insurance companies doing business in Arizona are offering significantly lower car insurance rates to certain segments of the population.  There are so many formulas used to determine auto insurance rates that it is impossible for the consumer to know which carrier is going to offer them the lowest rate on their car or home insurance.  The best thing a consumer can do is use a Certified Insurance Counselor, such as Kent Stewart with Insurance Professionals of Arizona.  Kent and his staff can shop dozens of insurance companies with their rating system and find the carrier that is going to offer their clients the lowest rate on car insurance.
We are basically doing the same thing the consumer would do if they were to sit down and call to get quotes from 20 carriers.  The only difference, what would take them days to accomplish, our systems allow us to do in minutes.  Further, we do not charge for our services.  The carriers we work with compensate us to bring clients to them and then to serve as their agent for the life of the policy.  In every way, we really represent the consumer to the insurance carrier and our allegiance is to the consumer.

With over 15 agents valley wide and dozens of years of experience, IPA knows how to get our clients the best deal on car insurance.  There is no need for consumers to overpay for car insurance; we can help them save.  You know Dave Ramsey on the radio is always preaching to people to make sure they use an independent agent; that is what we are, an independent agency.
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