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Experts agree that if insureds want to maintain the lowest rate possible on car insurance they must shop their insurance every 2 to 3 years. What a hassle. There is a better way; let Insurance Professionals of Arizona shop your insurance for you and manage your insurance after the sale.

As a local independent insurance agency located in NE Mesa Arizona, IPA has access to dozens of insurance carriers with the industry’s lowest car insurance rates. IPA will shop your car insurance and find you the lowest rate. Then, after we write your policy, we will watch year after year for a rate increase and if your rate goes up, we will shop again. We make the process easy for you so you don’t have to waste your time and energy switching carriers or trying to jump from agent to agent. As your agency of choice, you will always be a client of ours but we will move you from carrier to carrier for you, if necessary, to keep your rate low.

Just because we find you the lowest rate does not mean we sacrifice coverage. On the contrary, our policies are amongst the best in the industry.

Call us at 480-981-6338 for your free no obligation car or home insurance quote.

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