6 tips for lower insurance rates in Arizona


Are you wondering what you can do to lower your insurance rate for home and auto insurance?  There is no magic bullet that is going to solve everything but hopefully, these few pointers will help.

1.  Drive safely; tickets and accidents can really impact your insurance rate.  Most stay on your record for three (3) to five (5) years.  Not only are you likely to get a surcharge, but you also miss out on claims-free discounts which together can add up to over 25% savings.

2.  If you have a teenage driver on your policy, ask your agent about programs offered through the insurance carrier that might lower the rate.  Of course, there is always a good student discount for those earning a B+ or better GPA, but some companies offer even deeper discounts if your child does certain training programs.  Ask us if your agent isn’t familiar with these programs.

3.  Keep your credit score up; almost all insurance carriers factor credit into your insurance rate.  If your credit isn’t so great, call us, because we know a few things that can be done to help you lower your rate if your credit isn’t so great.

4.  If you have an alarm system on your home or auto insurance make sure your agent knows about it and that he/she is giving you the discount you qualify for.

5.  Use a broker like Insurance Professionals of Arizona to shop your insurance every couple of years.  A broker can find you the best rate out there among all the carriers they work with.

6.  When purchasing a car, understand that different cars are going to cost more.  A larger vehicle may cost more for liability because of its size, and a luxury car may cost more for comprehensive and collision coverage because of the cost to replace or repair it.

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