The History of Insurance by Insurance Professionals of Arizona

A Brief History of Insurance

The conception of auto and home insurance can be traced to China as far back as 3000 B.C. Merchants sending boats up and down rivers in China would ensure the goods on their boat, to protect against losses due to the boat sinking or being hijacked by pirates.

This “marine” insurance expanded as the population increased, ships grew larger, and trade expanded across the oceans. Groups of investors would ensure the cargo ships in exchange for a premium. Just like today!

Records of insurance developed from the merchant cities along the Mediterranean, like Venice and Florence. Merchants and investors began to mutually combine their money and charge premiums, which would then be issued to the members in case of loss. This is still the basic form of auto and home insurance that companies practice now.

The first company to handle marine insurance policies was Lloyd’s of London in the early 1700′s. The company had a list of customers and ships, along with their estimated value, and underwrote policies for its clients. Surprisingly, Lloyd’s of London marine insurance is still available in modern day London.

While there were many steam-powered vehicles and other types of cars being produced, it wasn’t until 1893 that the first gasoline-powered car was built in the US by Charles and Frank Duryea. There had always been a type of car insurance for these vehicles, based on marine insurance, to protect the owner from loss. Then in 1898 that the first car insurance policy covering liability was issued to a man named Truman J. Martin.

In 1927, Massachusetts passed the first law making it mandatory to have liability car insurance. Decades later, liability car insurance is required in each of the 50 United States. Auto insurance covers a vehicle no matter what State the vehicle is operating in. That is, if you buy Illinois car insurance and then get in an accident while vacationing in Nebraska, you will still be covered. However, most states have variances of laws, and you should research state-specific laws and company-specific policies to determine your actual coverage.

In the mid-90′s the Internet exploded, with new businesses, services, and industries being developed in the virtual world. Many businesses sprouted up that offered car insurance online. Additionally, many brick-and-mortar insurance companies began offering car insurance quotes online.

Today, consumers had a variety of choices to buy car insurance online. This is quality coverage offered at an affordable price.

Insurance Professionals of Arizona is yet another piece of the history of car insurance, and one that has given the consumer a distinct advantage.

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