Memorial Day weekned typically marks the start of the summer vacation season. And, as that wonderful Arizona summer approaches, the National Highway Traffic Safety Aministration, NHSTA, urges drivers to take proper precautions before and while driving on the roadways. 

And in those summer months, there is a significant increase of driver’s on the road. Many go on vacation and long road trips, with family and friends. And while many start off as wonderful memomries, many end on tragic cirmcumstances. In 2013 in Arizona alone, there were a total of 107,348 accididents, 777 of which were fatal and 5,190 were alcohol related incidents. 

It is recommended that you travel prepared and plan ahead, it iwll make a much smoother transition to the travel/vacation minded! 

Buckle Up. Every Trip. Every Time:  Whether you are going to the store a block away or across country, stop and buckle that seatbelt. Not only is it the law, but buckling that seatbelt can save your life in an accident. 

Don’t Drink and Drive:  You heard it once and you will hear it again, after all you are a valued member to Insurance Profressionals of Arizona…don’t drink and drive! Every 51 minutes, someone in the United States dies in an alcohol related accident. Definately think, before you drink. Call a friend, cab, get a designated driver for your night out. Don’t risk hurting yourself or others.

Check Tire Pressure:  Be sure to check your tire pressure, tread wear, spare and fluids before that vacation. Vehicle maintence, prior to a trip, can prevent break downs, and accidents. Go to your local repair shop, oil place, or if you have the knowledge, do minor repairs and changes yourself!  

Keep Kids Safe:  If you have children traveling with you, be sure to check that the childs seat and booster chairs are installed properly and that they are properly restrained to their seat that is fitted and designed to best protect them. Do NOT leave children or pets unattended in hot vehicles, it happens more than you may think, vehicles in a shaded area in 90* heat can reach internal ranges up to 115* and if that vehicle were in the sun, the inside can reach 135* or hotter. Cracking windows or doors, does little to vent, or make it cooler. Leaving pets or children in these cars can cause hyperthermia, heat stroke and death. 

Throught these hot summer months, and really anytime of the year, espcially in Arizona, drivers and their passengers should utilize these minor suggestions to stay safe during your travels and everyday commute. 

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