Don't Lose out 3 Things to Know About Special event Insurance in Arizona

Are you looking for special event insurance in Arizona? Although you always have the best intentions and hopes for your event, there are things that are beyond your control. So what is special event insurance? It’s usually defined as: a specific insurance policy that helps to protect the money you’ve invested in an event–a wedding for example–but it doesn’t have to be something that big. This type of special event insurance are for sporting events, engagement parties and business events.

If the thought of investing money in a special event and then having it go sideways is maddening, keep reading.

If you’re hosting an event–even it’s just in your own home–you should consider special event insurance in Arizona. Here are three very convincing reasons why.

1. People are unpredictable, your special event insurance in Arizona shouldn't be

We’ve all been there. The party or the wedding is running smoothly. Everyone is smiling and dancing and celebrating. And then someone gets out of control. If you are serving liquor or alcohol, having special event insurance in Arizona is something you definitely want to consider.

party timeLet’s face it. Even if you think everyone at your event will be reasonably behaved, the possibility of someone bringing a rowdy plus one is always there. One of the requirements business owners or venue managers have is a liquor liability policy. In the event that a person becomes intoxicated and out of control, a liquor liability policy will cover any harm done. This is something that can come included with special events insurance in Arizona.

In the off chance that there is property damage or bodily injury, you need to prepare to cover what ever financial curveballs come your way.

2. Weather has a mind of its own...even in Arizona

Here is a great reason to consider special event insurance in Arizona. Although Arizona isn’t typically affected by things like hurricanes and tornados, we do have quite a few other weather events that can cause damage. Because of this, you will want a special event insurance policy in case you need to cancel your event.windy day

It’s not uncommon to have drought or flooding, and storms that can produce high winds or straight line winds. The weather in Arizona can be unpredictable at times. Having an outdoor event increases the possibility of  canceling it because of weather. Many venues and vendors require a non-refundable deposit or full payment when booking. A sudden cancellation can void any refund and you’ll lose your money.

Getting a special event insurance in Arizona to cover you in case of cancellation, you can at least get some of your money back.

3. There are many other categories you should consider for your special event insurance in Arizona

Numbers 1 and 2 described some specific reasons why to get this type of policy. If you are planning a special event in Arizona, there are a whole host of liability policies to think of. These policies are good to have in mind depending on the type event you are having. Let’s look at a few and discuss why they might be important in certain situations.

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
    • Whether you are working as an independent contractor or you are managing independent contractors, worker’s comp insurance is essential to have. Depending on the event you are planning or managing, there is always the possibility of someone getting injured. With contracting several types of workers  you need to protect your business from legal complications if someone gets hurt.
  • Third Party Damage Insurance
    • This type of policy exists to cover an individual or a firm in the case of damage caused by a third party. The principle categories for these policies are property damage or liability coverage.
  • Waiver of Subrogation
    • This is an interesting one and a bit similar to third party damage. A waiver of subrogation is a policy which allows your insurer to “step into your shoes” in order to recover a financial payment made to a third party. This type of policy might come in handy if there is property damage, or if you have a “no fault” type of accident.
  • Liquor Liability Policy or Host Liquor Liability
    • As we briefly discussed above, there are certain types of events that will warrant a liquor liability policy. In particular, events such as weddings or bachelor/bachelorette parties are a great example. If you have any large gathering where there are is a large number of people and there is also alcohol, you should consider a liquor liability policy.
      • If you are a business that doesn’t sell alcohol per se but is managing an event that is serving alcohol and want to be covered, you can obtain a host liquor liability policy. Either way, these policies insure coverage for any damage that an intoxicated person. This can also be included in a general liability policy.

Your event = your time and money

In the end, you are putting a lot of energy and resources into planning your special event. Although everyone wants to think their event will go perfectly, planning for the worse is vital on the off chance it does happen.

This means considering the things that could go wrong and having the appropriate insurance policies in place to protect yourself and the people that might be working for you at the special event. Special event insurance in Arizona is a great way to make sure your guests are not only having a blast at your event, but that you and protect your efforts in the best way possible.

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