Do you want to save money on your auto insurance and you are wondering what you can do. Here are some suggestions:

1. This goes without saying but keep your driving record clean. If you do get a ticket, go to traffic school and have it removed from your record. Tickets can impact your auto insurance rate for up to 5 years.

2. Keep your credit in good standing. Almost all carriers use credit as part of their rating factors these days. Good credit can really help you get a lower insurance rate.

3. Be wise when purchasing a new vehicle. Different vehicles cost more to insure. For instance a large SUV might cost more to insure than a luxury sedan because the SUV is considered more dangerous on the road and can do more damage in an accident. This will lead to more cost in the liability portion of your policy.

4. Work with a good insurance broker who can shop your insurance regularly. We recommend shopping it every couple of years. Rates are always changing and you can save hundreds and sometimes even thousands from shopping your insurance with a good broker. (Insurance Professionals of Arizona is an excellent way to go.)

5. Talk to your agent about all the discounts you might qualify for. Here are a few:
             Alarms or other safety devices.

             Good student discount (for teenage drivers)

             Home & Auto package discounts

                    Driver Safety Training course discounts

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