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Join Insurance Professionals of Arizona and Safeco Insurance in taking the #MY60 Challenge to free up time and go on that new adventure, get involved in the community or do whatever makes you happiest.

Long summer days are a natural time for Americans to re-focus their time to do more of what they enjoy, but finding any extra time can still be challenging. We at IPA are presenting the MY60 Challenge to encourage people to take back 60 minutes of their day, over a 60-day period this summer.

To help protect the often invaluable asset of “time,” IPA is inviting our customers to visit to find tips and checklists on how to create and maximize a “do more hour” for themselves. Join us in taking the #MY60 Challenge, or use the hashtag #MY60 on Twitter to find tips and share experiences on finding an extra hour in your day to do more of what makes you happy.

“Safeco protects the things our customers value most, so they can have peace of mind and use more of their free time to do what they enjoy,” says Kent Stewart, Principal, and Owner of Insurance Professionals of Arizona.

A new Safeco Insurance survey found that more than four in five respondents agree they need an extra hour in the day The Safeco Insurance survey also demonstrated the tug-pull feeling Americans have on how much time they spend on things they have-to-do versus things they want-to-do, with respondents hoping for a near 50/50 split. However, the study reports people actually spend two-thirds of their time on have-to-do activities as opposed to only 33 percent focusing on want-to-do activities.

When it comes to time management, 66 percent of those surveyed believe they are only somewhat successful or not successful at all. In fact, only one-third of respondents feel that they successfully manage their time and complete daily to-do lists.

There is a bright spot to the findings: while four in five respondents agree they need an extra hour in the day, 70 percent say they would use that extra time to do something for themselves. Topping the list of activities for a “do more hour” were personal hobbies (40%), having alone or personal time (29%), and trying something new (22%).

IPA is proud to support the #MY60 Challenge and we’ve joined the challenge to find time to do more!

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