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Problems with getting insurance from a non-broker


If you want to know what the problem is with buying insurance directly from an insurance company, without using a broker, keep reading. Many insurance companies are selling insurance direct to the consumer. With technology, it has made it easier for insurance companies to sell their product online and many consumers go online or call an 800 number to purchase their insurance. When you go online to purchase your insurance or call and 800 number to purchase insurance direct from the insurance company, the insurance company you are buying from represents their own self interests; who represents you, the consumer? You need to use a neutral independent broker, one who represents your best interest and not that of the insurance company.

If you get sick and need a certain prescription to help with your illness, you don’t just go online and buy the drug you think will cure you. You go to a doctor who can determine which medication is best for you and then give you the correct prescription to treat your illness.

Much the same can be said about an insurance broker. All insurance is NOT the same. Some people would have you believe that it is the same and that it does not matter which policy you purchase. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Insurance policies and carrier’s handling of claims vary greatly from one company to the next. A good independent broker can help guide you through the purchase of your insurance policy and help you think of possible coverage gaps you would not otherwise be aware of when purchasing online or through someone you don’t know on an 800 number.

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