Coverages you never knew you needed as an owner


There is no question we live in a litigious society. Employment Practices Liability Insurance can help protect your business from unwanted legal issues. It seems like whether guilty or innocent anyone can be sued for anything at any time. If you own a small business, don’t overlook the valuable coverage of employment practices liability. This valuable coverage could save you from going out of business should you be sued by an employee. Whether or not the employee is right or wrong doesn’t always matter, it’s the defense costs that can eat you alive.

Here are some of the wrongful employment acts that are covered under the right EPL policy but would not be covered under your general liability policy as some people may wrongly assume it would be. (In order for a General Liability policy to kick in there must be bodily injury or property damage, neither of which occur in the situations below so coverage would not apply under a general liability policy. What’s more, is most GL policies exclude coverage for employment practices liability.)

*Violation of Privacy
*Pregnancy Discrimination
*Racial Discrimination
*Sex Discrimination
*Disability Discrimination
*Age Discrimination
*Religious Discrimination
*Wrongful Failure to Promote
*Wrongful Termination
*Wrongful Refusal to Employ
*Wrongful Demotion or Discipline
*Wrongful Deprivation of Career Opportunity

As you can see the list is extensive for which an employer could be held liable by a disgruntled employee. These types of lawsuits often can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars range. As a business owner, would it help you sleep at night knowing you had coverage for these types of issues?

Talk to Insurance Professionals of Arizona to have your business owner’s policy reviewed. You might have gaps in coverage that need to be addressed. As a broker based in Mesa, AZ, we want to help protect business owners so that their business can continue to thrive after an unforeseen event or claim. Insurance Professionals of Arizona

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