Pekin is making some new changes


Almost nobody pronounces the name of Pekin Insurance correctly the first time without struggling. Pekin Insurance, as in Pekin Illinois is a relatively new carrier in Arizona but has quickly made a big splash in the Arizona marketplace with their very competitive low rates on home and auto insurance in particular. Established in 1921 Pekin is not new to insurance, but only recently started offering their products in the Arizona marketplace. It is not uncommon for families with teenage drivers to save thousands on their auto insurance premiums with Pekin. In one admittedly rather extreme case, Insurance Professionals of Arizona was able to save a family around $7000 a year over their previous home and auto carrier. Yes, that is the correct number of zeros. Not seven hundred, seven thousand dollars. When carriers come to a new market, they often make their rates really attractive to gain market share quickly. Do we know if these low rates will last a long time, no? But why not save on your home and auto insurance while you can. Pekin is not just competitive for families with teenagers. They are great for everyone in most cases. If they aren’t right for you, we will find the carrier that is right for you and offers you the best deal on your insurance. For a free, no-obligation quote on your home and auto insurance, contact Insurance Professionals of Arizona at 480-981-6338.

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