Workers Compensation Insurance

You need Workers compensation in Arizona


Arizona Employers Lower your Workers Compensation Insurance Premium cost by getting quotes from multiple Insurance Carriers simultaneously from Insurance Professionals of Arizona.

As an employer, workers’ compensation can be an expensive part of your insurance costs. Keeping your overhead low can help you achieve greater profitability. Whether your experience modification is below 1 or over 1, IPA can help you find the most competitive rates in the marketplace.

With dozens of insurance carriers to choose from, IPA will shop the Arizona Workers Compensation markets for you and bring you the lowest cost proposals.

In general workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage for employees who incur work-related injuries, disease, or illness. This type of coverage is state-mandated to protect employees who are injured or disabled in connection with their employment and while performing their job duties. Although worker’s compensation provides fairly broad coverages certain limitations can be imposed.

For instance, if an employee is hurt on the job but his or her injury is a result of drug or alcohol impairment benefits may be denied. Also, self-inflicted injuries would preclude the employee from receiving benefits in most cases.

Worker compensation can cover the following expenses:

Benefits to a survivor of a person killed on a job
Income replacement
Medical care from illness, disease, or injury
Cost to retain a disabled employee who can no longer perform his or her prior job duties
Compensation for permanent injuries or cost of care for permanent injuries.

So you can see why worker’s compensation is an important component of your business insurance protection. Let an independent insurance agent, Insurance Professionals of Arizona give you a competitive bid on your worker’s compensation policy.

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