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Caution consumers!  Your insurance company might be ripping you off.  Listen, I am a Certified Insurance Counselor.  I am an independent agent and I do not work for any company.  I work for YOU!  I have found that most people don’t pay close attention to their home insurance premium because it is tied into their mortgage payment and their mortgage company pays the insurance carrier directly.  The in effect hides the bill from the consumer.  Many people are also set up on automatic withdraw from their checking or saving account and don’t pay attention to their auto insurance bills.  Over the years, if you have been with the same carrier for a long time, they tend to slowly increase your rate at a pace you may not have noticed.  Really, the only way to combat this is to work with an agent you can trust to shop around and find you a better deal on your home and car insurance. Insurance Professionals of Arizona will do just that.  Call us at 480-981-6338 and we will shop your insurance with over a dozen insurance carriers and find you the one that will offer the best coverage at the lowest rate.  Don’t get ripped off.  We can help you get what you deserve.  Call us today for a free quote.

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