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Commercial after commercial gives promises of saving on car insurance.  We are so bombarded with it that it no longer really even resonates with us until of course, we open our auto insurance premium bill and see it has gone up again.  Questions pop into our heads immediately accompanied by maybe a little anger or frustration.  Why did my premium go up, I didn’t file a claim or get a ticket?
Is there really a good way to save on car insurance or are we all just fighting a losing battle?  No doubt insurance premiums are going to go up.  After all, most goods and services rise in price.  However, if you do have good credit, a good driving record and you are free from claims, you could save quite a bit on insurance; if you want to save over the long run, it might mean switching insurance carriers frequently, and for that, you need a good broker like Insurance Professionals of Arizona.
It’s almost inevitable that your auto insurance premium isn’t going to go up every time you renew the policy.  The only way to really combat that is to have a good broker who can shop around and find the insurance company that is in the process of trying to acquire market share.  When a carrier wants to acquire market share, what do they do?  They lower their premium to make their product more attractive.  You have to know which carrier is in the mode of trying to grow their policy base.
IPA is in the business of insurance and we know which carriers are in growth mode and offering the most attractive premiums.  This literally could mean savings in the hundreds and even sometimes the thousands for some people.  We recently saved a family with a home and 4 cars on the policy almost $3000 a year between the home and auto insurance; now that is a pretty significant saving.
Give us a call at 480-981-6338 and ask for Kent Stewart.  Kent is the owner of the agency and likes to talk to every new prospective client that calls in.  Kent is also a certified insurance counselor, which makes him uniquely qualified to help you with your insurance needs.

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