Need a change; call us about becoming an independent insurance agent


Are you thinking of leaving the captive world of insurance?  Maybe you have had enough of seeing your agency dwindle.  Perhaps your company has cut your commissions or demanded that you sell more of this or that.  Have you been sitting by watching managers give policies to someone else, while you have received none!  Are you just tired of being threatened with your job if you don’t do what corporate demands even though they don’t give you a competitive product to do it?

Every day we see agents who are tired of fighting on an un-level playing field leave the world of captivity to become a truly free independent agents.  If you are thinking about leaving the captive world, we want you to join our team.

With the Insurance Professionals of Arizona, you are truly free.  Free to place your clients with the carrier that best fits their needs and offers them the best rate.  Free to make your own decisions on what to sell your clients.  Free to own your client base and not be selling for a company that can rip it out of your hands at any time they choose to fire you.

Be more competitive, make more money and be your own boss.  For more information call 480-981-6338 or visit our page that talks more about the benefits of being independent.

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