Understand how to protect yourself


Have you worked hard to build your net worth?  Maybe you are living the American dream and you have a home, several cars by boat, and even a vacation home.  Are you truly protecting your assets?  I’m not talking about protecting them from perils like wind and storm damage or theft; I’m talking about protecting them from lawsuits.  All it takes is one issue to happen; maybe you get a blowout driving and you lose control of your car and take someone out.  Accidents like this in which you are found to be at fault could result in a judgment against you for well over a million dollars.  How would you pay for that?  Would you like to have your wages garnished for the rest of your life?  Insurance is the only tool I know of, in which you can transfer all the risk from yourself to the insurance company for such little premium dollar.  For the price of a daily mail, you could get over a million dollars of liability coverage to protect yourself.  Call Insurance Professionals of Arizona at 480-981-6338 for a quote on a liability umbrella.  Sleep better at night knowing you are well protected.

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