Strangest Types Of Insurance

Weirdest Insurance You Can Buy


Insurance is something that most of us have become extremely familiar with. It is there to protect us just in case things go wrong. We pay a monthly premium in order to purchase certain types of insurance in an effort to make sure that we are financially covered in case of an emergency.

There are some types of insurance that are required by law, and others that can actually be provided via government programs. If you are caught driving without car insurance, you can expect to receive a citation. Going to the doctor without some kind of health insurance can result in millions of dollars in medical bills. In some instances, even medical insurance doesn’t stop the outrageous hospital bills.

There ae some cases where insurance simply refuses to cover those in dangerous positions. Some NASA astronauts are unable to get life insurance due to the nature of their profession. These individuals will sometimes leave behind signed mementos for their loved ones to sell in case of their death. The logic is that they will become famous after their death in space, and these signatures will be sold for a great deal of money. Some insurance policies cover absolutely ridiculous things! Take a look at some of these before you search for insurance in Gilbert, AZ.

1. Golf Insurance

In some countries, that hole in one is a pretty big deal! Winning a golf tournament or even just winning around with a hole in one, can result in outrageous party charges. Yep, the winner is expected to pay for a lavish party to celebrate their victory.

This is where golf insurance comes into play. Golfers pay a yearly fee that covers them for up to a few thousand dollars in the event of a hole in one win. This means that they can enjoy their success, and pay for the after-party too!

2. Mustache Insurance

This is a very real insurance policy. Apparently, with enough money- you can draft an insurance policy for almost anything! Certain mustaches have become iconic (or their just beloved by their owners), and they have been insured for over a quarter of a million dollars. This policy held by Merv Hughes must’ve had some interesting stipulations!

3. Falling Satellites

There are policies in place that protect civilians from manmade space debris. If a satellite component were to fall from the sky and injure or kill someone, it would be covered. Sputnik is one of the more prominent objects covered by this insurance. It hasn’t happened yet, but we have come closer than we’ve ever been to needing this policy in the last twenty years. A part of a Chinese rocket fell to Earth in July of 2016, rekindling an interest in this.

4. Alien Abduction Insurance

This is not a joke. There is a policy that will pay out if you are taken from the Earth under the force or influence of aliens. Of course, you have to prove this first. The policy will pay out a sizable sum to your remaining family members who have been left behind. It may sound a little less than sane, but this policy has actually paid out twice since its inception. The truth must be out there.

5. Wedding Insurance

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. This is the policy behind wedding insurance. If something goes wrong (the bride gets cold feet or Grandma has an objection), the entire cost of the wedding can be recouped. This actually makes sense when you compare the cost of a modern wedding with the risk!

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