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So you’re thinking of getting a new car? I’m sure you’ve already planned out the perfect model, color, and additional features that satisfy your car’s dream needs. You get to the car dealership and you find that you landed a car with $0-$200 down and only about $100-$200 a month for a car note! You’re thrilled and just as you’re about to drive that hottie on wheels into the sunset, you remember that you forgot the most important thing, car insurance! After buying our first dream car we tend to fall in love with it and totally forget that a beauty like that comes with insurance.

If you’re a first-time car owner it may seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you have no idea knowledge of how car insurance even works. Several questions bombard your brain like, What kind of insurance should I get? Are commercial insurances the most ideal? Which insurance company can I afford? If it’s a cheap company, is it reliable? All these questions are important and you can go crazy if you try to tackle this all on your own. That’s why we’re here to give you tips on how to find the most reliable and affordable car insurance for you, but first, you need to learn about the basic types of coverage.

In case of an emergency, you need insurance that will protect your health and assets. Here are the types of basic insurance you should be looking for. First is liability insurance, This will cover any damage to another person’s car/property, which would occur as a result of your automobile in an accident. It will also pay for any third-party personal injury and death-related claim. Next is Collision Insurance. This will pay for any repairs that you have after an accident. Collision Insurance is usually required if you still owe a loan because of the vehicle, in which case it belongs to the bank. Last, but not least is comprehensive insurance.

This coverage will pay for any damage that occurs as a result of vandalism, theft, fire, or water. However, if you may not need collision or comprehensive insurance if your car is less than $5,000. Now that you’ve learned a little bit about coverage, here are some suggestions on how to find affordable and reliable insurance.

1)Try A Local Or Regional Insurance Company

When we watch TV we are bond see commercials for the four most popular car insurance companies such as Allstate, Geico, Progressive, and State Farm. However, it is smart to search for smaller insurers in your region. These companies usually have a higher number of customer satisfaction rates, rather than the bigger names. If you’re looking for low prices and great customer services, you could also try commercial insurance in Arizona.

2) Keep An Eye Out For Discounts

You could qualify for several discounts and price breaks if you possess the following

  • Clean driving record
  • Pay your entire annual or six-month premium at once
  • Insure multiple cars with one policy
  • Bundle car insurance with homeowner insurance
  • Are an owner of a vehicle with anti-theft or safety features
  • Acknowledge and receive documents online

3) Pay ALL Bills On Time

Make sure you work on improving your credit and lowering your premiums, you can achieve this by paying your bills on time and decreasing your debt. If this is done insurers will be more inclined to give you discounts and price breaks. Check commercial insurance Arizona for any insurance discounts as well.

4) What about Usage-Based Plans?

Do you consider yourself a safe driver? If you drive as much as the usual person, preferably less than 10,000 miles per year. You may be able to find affordable insurance through a mileage-based coverage program. For example, programs like Metromile or Esurance Pay Per Mile focus on charging their customers based on how many miles they use. Esurance Pay Per Mile is only available in Oregon, while Metromile can be found in seven states. If you live elsewhere try looking for local mileage-based insurance programs.

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