Car Insurance Rates Factors

What factors make my insurance rates change?


Everyone has had to deal with car insurance at one point or another. We are all familiar with the different things that can happen that can raise or lower your particular car insurance rates. Whether you have a teenage driver in the family, or someone in your house made the mistake and got a DUI. Some situations can drastically raise the numbers on your rates in a very short period of time. On the upside, new programs are available through a huge variety of different insurers that will actually forgive certain incidents and lower your rates over a prolonged period of time.

The majority of these incidents happen after you’ve gotten into an accident, after a year or two with an accident-free record, your rates will be lower. Having an accident, especially when it’s your fault, can raise your car insurance rates faster than almost anything else. This signals to the insurance company that you are not necessarily a safe bet and can cause them to raise the price of your auto insurance to provide you the coverage they believe you need. There are so many things that go into determining car insurance, and sometimes it can be a really good idea to find a professional agent to explain all of it to you.

A professional insurance agent can handle more than just auto insurance, they can bundle this in with your home and life insurance as well. They have an understanding of the standard rates, and exactly what level of insurance you’re going to need. This is incredibly important because many of us have a habit of under or over-insuring ourselves. If you have a new driver, or you drive in a very busy city, you’re going to find that you need more insurance than someone who drives 3 miles a day out in the country. The bottom line is that accidents do happen, and we need to be protected in any scenario. These are just a few of the factors that can raise your insurance rates when you’re trying to navigate car insurance.

Personal Factors

These include things like gender and age, and she pulled from National averages. In general, younger males have higher accident rates. This information can cause the rate of your car insurance to go up when you are trying to ensure a teenage boy. Your marital status is another factor that can affect your insurance rates. Normally, when you’re married your car insurance rates will be lower. Again, these are pulled from National averages and are based on data collected over a very long period of time. Another factor is where you live, and the number of accidents that take place in your nearby vicinity.


If you have a criminal history or have a history of reckless driving, you’re going to find that your rates are going to be significantly higher. This is simply a fact of life and a consequence of some bad decisions in the past. Fortunately, many car insurance companies will work with you if these decisions are more than 10 years old.

Vehicle Factors

Your car safety rating, as well as your car’s personal history, can have an effect on the number in your bill each month. If that particular vehicle is known for frequent accidents or failures, then you’re going to find that the car insurance company is going to consider this. Car insurance rates can improve, you just have to pay attention to some of these factors when choosing an insurance carrier.

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