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Declarations in Insurance 101

You may be wondering, what are declarations in insurance? This is a great question because they play an important role with any insurance policy. The great thing is that declarations in insurance are not super complicated. This means that you can find and navigate through this part of your insurance policy without any problems. You can avoid a lot of headaches and stress by using your declaration page.

Here at Insurance Professionals of Arizona (IPA), we believe in educating others about insurance. We want you to know what to expect when getting insurance. Declarations are found in any kind of insurance that you get. For instance, your auto insurance will have a declaration, and any medical insurance will also have a declaration.

We also do not expect others to be experts in insurance. Our goal is to give you the necessary information to understand what is being covered with your policy. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get into declarations in insurance. Here is a step-by-step guide to understanding declarations in insurance:

1. What It Is

In short, declarations in insurance are a one or two-page document. They are a summary of your whole entire insurance policy. It is going to cover your personal information, such as name and contact information. The declaration page is also going to include information that is important to your policy. It will have coverage for your whole policy and what you are signing up for.

Think of the declaration page as a summary page. If you need to find something quick about your insurance, this is the page you want. It contains a lot of information in a page or two. This makes it easy for you to find and look through quickly.

2. Where It Is

The declaration for any insurance policy should be found at the front of the insurance policy. If it is not, it should be somewhere near the front. There might be a cover letter or title page that is in the front. You could also have a table of contents in the front of it.

Generally speaking, the declarations of insurance page will be the first page in your insurance packet. If you have an online insurance policy, there should be a tab that you can click on that will direct you to the page. You may have to navigate a little to find the page online. Once you know where to find it, it should be a lot easier to access.

3. Read It

There is a lot of documentation that comes with any insurance policy. As a result, most people will read through very little or not read anything at all. We are here to tell you to read the declaration page. Read it, even if it is the only thing that you read with your insurance policy. The declaration page is going to summarize everything that is covered in the policy.

If you want specifics about the coverage, you will have to go to the right section and read about it. For the most part, the declaration page is going to have the necessary information you will need about coverage and contact information.

4. Make Sure The Declarations of Insurance Page is Correct

Since the declaration is short, you will want to take the time to confirm that everything is correct. Make sure your personal information is correct and there are not any errors. After that is done, look at the other information. For example, interest rate, coverage, and payment periods. Look at them and see that the numbers are correct and what you were told. If they are not correct, you will need to contact your insurance professional.

5. Ask Questions

Yes, ask any questions that you have. Give your insurance professional a call or set up a time to meet with them. They can help explain the coverage options and the details about your insurance policy.

If something was not correct and you asked for it to change, double-check. You can make sure that the information is good and ready to go.

6. Know Where To Find It

You already know that the front page of your insurance policy should be the declarations page. What we are talking about here is going to be where to access it from. If you do not have a physical copy of the insurance policy, you will want to know how to find it.

Take the time to log into the system and find your insurance policy. That way when you actually need to find it you will not be stressed and frustrated.

7. Review and Reference the Declarations Page

There can be a number of times where you will need to reference your insurance policy. It can be something as simple as knowing what address you put down if you have moved around. You may also need to reference it if you are contacting your insurance professional. Whatever the case, we want to make sure you know how to find it and what to look for.

You may want to just pull it up and look at it from time to time. If you are looking at getting new insurance, your declaration page is going to be a great resource. You can pull up all your policy information and compare it to other policies that are available. Even if you do not end up using it as often as you thought, you still know where it is and how to use it.

We hope that you learned something about declarations in insurance. At IPA, we think they are useful and something every insurance policyholder should know about. Look at it and know what it covers. Even if you never need to reference it you will know where to find it and where the specifics are.

You should now be an expert when it comes to understanding declarations in insurance. Knowing what a declaration is can be super useful to you whatever your insurance policy is for. When you know where it is can help relieve stress if you ever need to use your insurance.

At IPA, we understand that your needs and situation can change, which means your insurance needs will change as well. Our company is here for you and wants to make sure you feel like you are right at home and happy with your insurance plan.

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