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Workers Compensation

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Workers’ Compensation insurance

Workers’ Compensation insurance provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees who are injured in the course of their employment. The workers relinquish their right to sue the employer for negligence. In Arizona, the law requires employers to have workers compensation insurance. Owners, Officers and Executives generally may excludes themselves from workers compensation insurance which also excludes their payroll from being included in the premium calculations.

Workers compensation payments can be made weekly in place of wages, compensation for economic loss, reimbursement for medical expenses, and payments to dependents of workers killed during employment.

Workers compensation protects your business from loss when a worker or employee is injured or worse, killed, on the job or performing a job related duty. Insurance Professionals of Arizona has the expertise to help you put the right workers compensation policy in place and to make sure you don’t over pay for the premium. The way the policy is written can make a huge difference in the calculation of the rates for the policy.

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