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    What is Commercial Building Insurance?

    If you are a business owner, it is likely, if you own your own building, that the building is your one
    of your single largest assets. Are you sure you are covered correctly? Is there enough
    coverage to rebuild your building inside and out in the event of a total loss?

    Commercial building insurance protects business owners from risk and loss in the event of damage from water, fire, theft, storms, vandalism, or other forms of destruction. A commercial building policy will cover the physical structure and building materials of the property, as well as any exterior fixtures that are a part of your business like an outdoor sign or fence.

    When your business property suffers damage, there is not only financial loss from the damage but there can also be financial consequences if your business has to close for repairs. What about the extra expenses that come from such an event? Where will you run your business while your building is being rebuilt? Will your business be shut down during the renovation? Who will pay your valuable employees if there is no work being done and no revenue coming in?
    The right commercial building insurance policy will not only protect the property itself, but it will cover any loss of income that a company might go through after damage occurs.

    These policies will cover profit loss, increased expenses that might occur because of the damage, or losses if the business has to close while repairs are made.

    Having the right commercial property insurance is essential to protecting your business, your customers, your employees, your brand, and your livelihood.

    In layman’s terms business personal property or contents coverage is insurance that covers anything in your building that is not permanently attached to the structure. Essentially, if you turned the building upside down, anything that fell out is not part of the building itself and not permanently attached and would be classified as business personal property or BPP.

    This includes the furniture, supplies, computers, printers, and other office items needed to run your business. In the case of theft, fire, flood, vandalism, or other kinds of damage, all the business personal property you own and use in your business is covered. It’s important to know that while a commercial property policy will protect your business personal contents, if you transport any of your business property of the business premises, you will need to have additional coverage to protect you during transport.

    Does your current commercial property policy completely protect you from the loss of these assets? Do you move your business personal property between multiple locations? Make sure you are properly covered from financial risk by getting the right policy for your business.

    Insurance Professionals of Arizona will take the time to get to know your business needs and make sure you are properly protected and we will do it at the most competitive price in the marketplace. As brokers, we are able to bid your insurance needs with multiple carriers to make certain you are paying a fair price.

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