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    What is Commercial Building Insurance?

    If you are a business owner, it is likely, if you own your own building, that the building is your one
    of your single largest assets. Are you sure you are covered correctly? Is there enough
    coverage to rebuild your building inside and out in the event of a total loss?

    If you are a business owner with vehicles out on the streets, owned by the business, you certainly need quality commercial auto insurance. Your drivers may be at the wheel, but it is your business that is on the hook if they cause an accident and hurt or even kill another driver. Commercial Auto Insurance is more than just covering the value of your company vehicle, it’s about protecting you from liability claims that could cause financial ruin to your business. Do you have the proper business auto coverage and do you have enough business auto liability coverage to protect you against such catastrophic events?
    Commercial Auto Insurance is somewhat complex at its core. How the policy is written is as important as the insurance itself. There are multiple ways in which a business auto policy can be written. For example, “named auto’s only.” Just as it implies, this coverage would only apply to the vehicles specifically named in the policy. This is commonly how commercial auto policies are written. What about autos you might not own but use in the course of business. How are those covered? There is another way to write them called “Any Auto” coverage. “Any Auto” coverage is much broader and provides much more protection for your business. The way the policy is written matters and a good agent will make sure the policy is written correctly to provide the business owner with the most valuable and the broadest coverage available to protect the business owner.
    Insurance Professionals of Arizona writes commercial auto insurance for a wide range of business industries. If you would like a free commercial auto policy review please contact us.

    • Contractors
      1. Plumbers
      2. Electricians
      3. Hvac
      4. Artisan
      5. Landscapers
    • Lawyers
    • Food Trucks
    • Engineers
    • Architects
    • Doctors
    • Non-Emergency Medical Transport
    • Real Estate
    • Limo Service

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