Thank You to Our Clients Who Have Made it Possible For Us to Give Back to the Community

We Thank Our Clients


Insurance Professionals of Arizona feels so honored and grateful for the opportunity we had recently to partner with one of our insurance carriers, Mutual of Enumclaw, and give back to the community. Thank you to not only Mutual of Enumclaw but also to all of our clients who allow us to handle their insurance needs. Your patronage, in large part, is what makes donations like this one possible.

IPA was able to donate over $4000 to two school in Mesa, Entz Elementary School and Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies. Without the support of our clients who trust us with their insurance needs we would not be able to give back to our community.

It goes further than charitable giving however. This is our way of showing our clients that it does matter when they choose to purchase their insurance from a local agent like Insurance Professionals of Arizona. Buying your insurance from a local family business keeps your money local instead of sending it out of state. This helps our local economy and provides jobs for many families. IPA has over 25 people and their families who are supported by our local small business. So thank you clients for making it possible for us to give back!

IPA Team

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