Five Factors That Determine Your Insurance Premium

Insurance Premium Factors

Are on the lookout for auto insurance quotes in AZ? Is it time to renew or get new insurance? Remember this, insurance companies follow a basic rule for insuring vehicles. They usually set the premiums high when there is a higher risk. You can work on a few of these items to ensure your vehicle is lower at risk. Here … Read More

The Necessity of opting for a Commercial Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Necessity

We are living in this modern age where there has been a notable change in the essential commodities in the life of a person. One such change is very much evident – desperate need to have a motorcar in the parking area. Cars have become such an integral part of our life. One can see many cars running on the … Read More

Is it time for you to talk about life insurance with an agent?

It seems there are two events in peoples lives that give them extra motivation to talk about life insurance. One is the untimely death of a friend or loved one and the other is the birth of a child. Whether either of these events have occurred in your life, is it time for you to talk about life insurance with … Read More

Protect the ones you love with life insurance.

Protect With Life Insurance

I’m writing today because I just had 2 woman, sisters, come into my office to inquire about life insurance. During our discussion, they informed me that the reason they wanted to learn more about life insurance was because they had recently lost a family member and that person had no life insurance. They used words like “devastating” and “terrible” to … Read More

How much auto liability insurance is enough?

Are you wondering if you have enough coverage on your auto liability insurance? Do you question how much you should have? Do you think you may have too much? Of course there is no “one size fits all” answer to these questions but most experts would tell you to purchase as much liability insurance as you can get….meaning however much … Read More

The 6 Reasons YOU Should Buy Life Insurance Today!

My Top 6 Reasons You Should Buy Life Insurance Right Now   If you don’t think you need life insurance talk to someone who has had a spouse pass away without a life insurance policy; you most likely will change your mind.  If that spouse happens to be the main bread winner, the challenges are even more difficult for the … Read More

Worker’s Compensation-Why Your Business needs it!

Writing a industry plan, selecting a business location, funding your business, obtaining a tax identification number, business licenses and permits seems like a long list and a lot of work. Even after all those necessities are accomplished, there is still one very imperative component missing—Workers’ Compensation insurance. Not simply is Workers’ Compensation insurance required in most states, it’s also significant … Read More

Behind-the-Wheel Training May Help Lower Your Car Insurance Costs

So, your driving has gotten a little rusty, and it’s time for some training. Or, perhaps you’ve been ordered to take a course. Either way, we don’t judge, but we do want you to choose a course that’s right for you. Your reason for taking the course may play a significant role in the one you choose. If you’re looking … Read More

Debunking Commercial Auto Insurance Myths

Debunking Commercial Auto Insurance Myths   In the world of Commercial Auto insurance, there are a few myths that are heard pretty often. Below is a list of myths debunked by Progressive, a leading commercial auto insurer, in an effort to help you make the best decisions when shopping for coverage. Myth: If you have a seasonal business, you can … Read More

Get More Bang for Your Holiday Bucks

Money-Saving Tips for the Holidays Posted by Safeco October 19, 2015 It’s almost impossible to make it through the holidays without facing at least one potential budget-buster. Whether it’s taking a family trip, hosting a celebration or simply getting all of your loved ones a gift, the spending opportunities in November and December are seemingly endless. If you’re tired of … Read More