One thing your home owners insurance probably won’t cover.

Home Owners Insurance

Every homeowners insurance policy has certain things that are not covered. One thing your homeowners insurance probably won’t cover is service line interruption. Most people would not be happy if something happened to one of their service lines and they had a repair bill, that on average is around $4,428 that wasn’t covered under their home insurance policy. According to … Read More

Seven Easy Steps to Reduce Homeowner Insurance Costs

When you have a house, you should invest in homeowner Arizona insurance company for dealing with accidental damages to your property. If this is your first time to get insurance, you may be worried about the price. If you are renewing your policies, you may want to improve the rates that you previously received. To make sure that you can … Read More

Understanding The Importance of Purchasing Home Insurance Policy

Home Insurance Policy

It is absolutely true that having a home is something we all desire for. A home protects us and our family members, and it certainly makes us feel safe. No doubt, it takes a lot of money to build or buy a home. For this reason, it is essential to protect your home from any unforeseen events like fire, theft, … Read More

Does my homeowners insurance cover earthquake?

With recent earthquakes rocking Mexico City we felt it necessary to inform our clients and the public that generally speaking home owners insurance does not cover earthquakes. There is a specific exclusion found in most all home insurance policies so that coverage is not provided in the event your home is damaged in an earthquake. In fact, here is some … Read More

Odd Accidents that Homeowner’s Insurance (Possibly) Covers

Odd Accidents Covers

Most people who have gone through the mortgage process understand the necessity of homeowner’s insurance. This protects you against many of the basic perils that can level anyone’s house. We all know that it only takes one spark, or heavy rainfall to completely obliterate a home. This is why homeowner’s insurance is so important and it’s a good idea to … Read More

Home Repairs That May Need Cleared with Your Insurance Company

Home Repairs Insurance

Making repairs and upgrades to your home can require a lot of time and planning. You want to make sure that you budget everything just right, and that you have all of your supplies before starting. You also want to troubleshoot, and be prepared for anything that could possibly go wrong. Once you feel confident in going ahead with the … Read More

Useful Facts About Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner Insurance Facts

Paying for homeowner’s insurance is a necessary evil, and one that may replace your home in the event of a major disaster. It can also be a tricky field to navigate, and it’s important to understand the basics before trying to purchase a policy. It’s always a good idea to consult with a professional insurance agent before making any major … Read More

What Can Homeowner’s Insurance Do for You?

Homeowners Insurance

Everyone who’s ever owned a home has had some experience with homeowner’s insurance. This is what you need when things go wrong. Your home is an absolute necessity, and the thought of losing it is absolutely alien to some people. But, imagine going through a natural or minor disaster- and no longer having a place to live. This happens more … Read More

HO3 versus HO5 home policy differences

HO3 versus HO5 home policy differences I recently did a video blog and posted it to YouTube about the HO3 versus HO5 home policy differences. You can check out the video. (function($){ $(document).ready(function(){ var selector = ".aaa"; $(selector).addClass("custom-ult-modal overlay-show"); $(selector).attr("data-class-id", "content-5d2e8851112dd"); $(selector).attr("data-overlay-class", "overlay-cornerbottomleft"); }); })(jQuery); Close Call us if you have any questions or concerns: Insurance Professionals of Arizona at ... Read More