Four Tips to Find the Right Health Insurance Plan

The world of health insurance coverage can be quite tricky and tiresome to navigate, especially if you have no clue where to start. Here are some expert tips on how to choose the best individual health insurance Arizona plan. Discover Your Marketplace Most employees in the country get their health insurance coverage from their employer. Hence, if you belong to … Read More

ERISA requirements for group health insurance plans

With the ever-changing landscape of health insurance today, many of us find it hard to keep up. As an insurance broker, it is my job to stay abreast of these changes and assist my clients in also staying up-to-date as well. In a recent survey, one law that most smaller employers are totally unaware of is the requirements mandated under … Read More

Debt After Death, The Importance of Life Insurance

Many people underestimate the importance of life insurance. This results in them leaving their family entirely too little, and leaving an inheritance that includes mostly debt. Life insurance is about covering more than just the cost of a funeral. The funeral itself can come in at over $10,000 with simple arrangements. This doesn’t even begin to cover any other debt … Read More

Knowing The Big differences Between Individual And Group Insurance

There are two major forms of health insurance in the US: One for individuals, and one for groups. Individual health insurance is insurance that is purchased by a single person on behalf of themselves or families that they belong to. Some people mistake individual health insurance as insurance only made to accommodate one person at a time, but that is … Read More