Help Wanted

Insurance Professionals of Arizona is looking for a new Team Member. This person should be highly organized, detail oriented, outgoing, able to work with clients in a professional manner, and be able to work in a fast paced environment. The position we have open is receptionist/administrative assistant. The position does have career advancement opportunities. The ideal candidate should have excellent … Read More

Lets hope Viki Odintcova had life insurance when she did this

Viki Odintcova dangles from a skyscraper in Dubai. Lets hope she had a good life insurance policy in place before she did this stunt. We all actually are at risk everyday with our lives. Don’t leave your family unprotected, get a life insurance policy from a life insurance broker. Call Insurance Professionals of Arizona at 480-981-6338 and talk to Kent … Read More

Does dressing for success still apply in today’s world?

Does dressing for success still apply in today’s world? Of course the picture shown here is going to the extreme to show how one can “dress up” or “dress down” but does how you dress really affect your success. Are people more likely to do business with a person dressed in a suite and tie than someone dressed say in … Read More

What is a Certified Insurance Counselor or CIC?

What is a Certified Insurance Counselor or CIC? The CIC or Certified Insurance Counselor designation is awarded by The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research. The CIC designation is the premier designation bestowed by the Alliance. To earn the Certified Insurance Counselor designation an agent must demonstrate his or her commitment to ongoing education. The designation is awarded only ... Read More

New Agent Training

Got some new agents getting trained today in our office. Its great to see agents dedicated to furthering their knowledge in order to better serve their clients. There are a few veteran agents honing their skills as well.

Attention Insurance Agents

Buying Car Insurance

Attention Insurance Agents: If you are a captive agent who has had enough of all the restrictions your company places on you and you want to go independent, call Insurance Professionals of Arizona now. Our Agency is looking for great new talent; people who know how to sell insurance but need better products, better technology and the freedom to go … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

No matter how you do Thanksgiving, we hope you do it well. From all of us here at Insurance Professionals of Arizona, we want to wish you a warm, wonderful Happy Thanksgiving.

New IPA T-Shirts

The new IPA T-shirts came in and we are happy with them because we think they look pretty cool.