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As an independent insurance agent for Insurance Professionals of Arizona, I represent many different insurance companies. When I work with my clients, I give them advice and things to consider when selecting the carrier and policy that is right for them. Today I want to explain a few reasons why an insured might want to purchase their home insurance from Pekin Insurance. I’m not being paid by Pekin Insurance to write about their policy, I just happen to think it is an exceptional policy.

There are several really great insurance companies and many good insurance policies. Pekin Insurance happens to have a home insurance policy that is second to none. Before I go into some of the specific coverage offers let me tell you a little bit about Pekin Insurance. The company was founded in 1921 and is a well established insurance company with a long track record of taking care of their policyholders. Though the name may not be as recognizable as other insurance companies, make no mistake, Pekin Insurance is a great company to be insured by. They have a strong financial rating from AM Best so you can rest assured they will be there for you in your time of need.

Before I begin talking about coverages, it is important to note that Pekin Insurance offers different coverage options in different states. For purposes of this article, I will be talking about the Pekin home owners policy offered in Arizona.

Pekin Home Owners Policy Arizona

With the Pekin Deluxe Home Owners policy one of the perks you will get is lock and garage door transmitter coverage. If your keys are lost or stolen or your garage door transmitter is lost or stolen Pekin will replace it for you.

Next is equipment breakdown coverage. This coverage is not offered by many insurance companies. If your AC unit for example, experiences mechanical breakdown, Pekin Insurance offers coverage for this. Its a great feature to have on a home insurance policy. Mechanical breakdown is usually an excluded coverage and you would need a separate home warranty to cover something like this.

Another important coverage is personal injury protection coverage. This is another coverage not offered on all home owners insurance policies. PIP will cover you for things like libel and slander. Also if you have an investment property with tenants in it, it will cover you for claims arising out of wrongful eviction. What a great benefit it is to have in your home insurance policy. With social media libel and slander lawsuits are way up.

The last coverage I wanted to review is Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage. As long as your home is insured to value, Pekin Insurance will Guarantee its replacement, no matter the cost. There are only a handful of carriers that even offer this coverage. Most companies offer extended replacement cost, something like 125% or 150% of your dwelling coverage, but Pekin Insurance is guaranteed. In my opinion it is the ultimate peace of mind, you cannot buy better coverage than a policy that guarantees replacement cost.

I could drill deeper and give you much more that is offered by the Pekin Deluxe Home Insurance policy but I just wanted to give a brief overview of some of the most critical features that set Pekin Insurance apart from other policies.

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