Boating Tips this Summer

Summer is here, in full force,  and you’re prepared to get out on the water. But, is your boat prepared?


Even if you’ve kept it suitably stored and protected from the elements, there are still a number of things you need to do before hitting our local lakes and rivers.


Although much of your attention will be on the boat itself, don’t forget other significant things, such as your trailer, your vessel registration, and of course, your watercraft insurance coverage. WE at Insurance Professionals can help with that!


As for the boat and trailer, check out these tips :


Engine and Electric

Your boat’s been sitting for a few months, so it’s not ready to zip across the water just yet. Here are a few things to check before firing up the ignition:
Make sure fuel hoses are not soft, brittle, or cracked, and check the system for leaks or damage. Also, verify that fittings and clamps are secure.
Check all other belts, hoses, and cables as well. Replace if needed.
Inspect electrical connections for corrosion and verify your battery is holding a charge.
Check all fluid levels and change/top off as needed.
Test for proper ventilation.
Propellers and Hulls

Damage to your propeller or hull can make for an unkind day on the water. Here are some things to look for:


Propellers that have dings or distortion. This can lead to not only an unpleasant ride but can also damage your drive train. While securing your propeller, check that the bearings are not worn out.


Hulls with blisters or cracks. Cleaning the hull (use an ecologically safe solution) gives you a good opening to check for damage. While you’re at it, clean above deck, too.



You should treat your trailer with as much care as your boat. Nevertheless, you can’t go boating if you can’t get your boat to the water.


Inspect the grease fittings on the hubs and reapply grease as needed.


Test the lights on your trailer each time before you get out on the road.


Rinse thoroughly after exposure to saltwater.


In case of tire trouble, ensure your vehicle’s jack will work to lift the trailer and that you will be able to loosen and tighten the wheel lug nuts.


Look over the trailer bunks once your boat is in the water to ensure the padding isn’t worn.


Safety Equipment


No matter how well your boat runs, you should never run it without the proper safety equipment. So take inventory of what’s onboard to be sure you have:


Enough life jackets for all potential passengers. Make sure they’re in good condition, too.


Fire extinguisher. Be sure it’s the correct classification for your boat and is in working order.


Emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) so you can be found if you get lost.


Carbon-monoxide detector, if there’s an enclosed area on your boat.


Working navigation lights.

Proper preparation can mean the difference between a great day on the boat and a disastrous one. So take a little time to make this boating season a happy and safe one. Hope to see you out on the water!


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