A Guide to Life Insurance

A Guide to Life InsuranceLife is unpredictable and uncertain. And everyone who has a birthdate will also have a death date. There is no exception to this rule. We can’t predict when that day will come, but we can prepare for it. One of the most important ways to prepare, if you have dependents or people who rely on you ... Read More

Commercial Insurance Premium Financing

Commercial Insurance Premium FinancingCan't Fund Your Commercial Insurance?Here's How You Can Make It Happen (Without The Risk!)Paying commercial insurance premium can be rough, especially if you are a small business owner. But here's the truth; despite your urge to resist paying for "what ifs," you should have at least a primary commercial insurance. Heck, most of the times you must ... Read More

Guide on Choosing Insurance

Complete Guide on ChoosingThe Right Car Insurance for Your NeedsFinding the right kind of insurance doesn't have to be frustrating (seriously). Experienced, soon-to-be insurance owners realize that the insurance companies should be competing for them, not the other way around. They negotiate, bargain and sign insurance contracts only when they examine all possibilities, as should you. Of course, we know ... Read More

Insurance Agent versus Insurance Broker: which is better for your insurance needs?

Insurance Agent Versus Insurance Broker: Which is better for your insurance needs? If you are shopping for a quote on your car insurance or home insurance or something else, you may be wondering what is the difference between an insurance agent an an insurance broker. Many years ago I used to be an insurance agent with American Family Insurance. American … Read More

12 Tips to Choose the Perfect Commercial Insurance for New Business Owners

12 Tips to Choose the Perfect CommercialInsurance for New Business OwnersDealing with insurance is boring (not "can be," but "is"). Comparing agencies, their offers, and prices, boundless and discounts; these are the activities we, human beings, love to avoid. But we can't; insurance is something you should/need to have, especially if you own small, growing business. This article is intended ... Read More

Car insurance and what you need to consider when buying a policy

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” These words were quoted by Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest men in the world. When you buy car insurance what do you need to consider besides price; what is the value of your insurance policy? Although most commercials these days make it sound like price is the only factor … Read More

Become an independent insurance agent: earn back your freedom

Are you a captive insurance agent and feeling constrained by the insurance company you work for? Become an independent insurance agent and earn back your freedom. Being an insurance agent can be a fun and rewarding career; but why limit yourself to the constraints of only being able to offer your clients the product of one company. It really is … Read More

Ok, so which insurance company really does have the lowest insurance rates.

Every other commercial on tv these days seems like it is from an auto insurance company promising you to save money on car insurance if you will just give them a call. So, which insurance company really does have the lowest insurance rates on car and home insurance, and, is the lowest price the most important thing? Here is the … Read More

Insurance For Contractors

Are you a contractor and have you noticed over the last number of years insurance cost increasing and it is harder and harder to find a good solid insurance company to provide you with valuable coverage. Acuity Insurance is the only carrier we know that advertises to contractors. In fact, the largest segment of their premium comes from contractors that … Read More

What Insurance Professionals of Arizona is doing to lower auto insurance premiums

Lets face it, paying that monthly auto insurance premium isn’t fun. This article is to tell you what local Arizona insurance broker, Insurance Professionals of Arizona is doing to lower auto insurance premiums for clients and prospective clients. It is a constant battle to make sure you are not paying more than you need to for insurance. If you have … Read More