Understanding Commercial Prescription Drug Insurance

UNDERSTANDING COMMERCIALPRESCRIPTION DRUG INSURANCEOne area of healthcare that can be the most expensive for consumers, but which we don’t really think about, is the price of prescription drugs. Last year when my father-in-law was diagnosed with a form of leukemia. The type of leukemia that he had is very treatable with daily medication, which was great news. Then he found ... Read More

10 Tips to Choose the Best Commercial Insurance Agent

10 SIMPLE TIPS FOR CHOOSING A COMMERCIAL INSURANCE AGENT( HOW TO KNOW IF THEY ARE A GOOD FIT FOR YOUR BUSINESS )A few years ago, a local landscaping company was the victim of a theft. The trailer that carried all of its equipment, tools, and landscaping materials was stolen from the back of their truck. There were tens of thousands ... Read More

Do I Need Both Health Insurance and Life Insurance?

Why you need health and life insurance
DO I NEED BOTH HEALTH INSURANCE AND LIFE INSURANCE?For an insurance professional, this is a loaded question. Of course you need both! They both serve and important purpose in your overall financial picture. But probably what you really want to know is why. Why do you need health insurance and why do you need life insurance, and will either of ... Read More

How to get the Best Commercial Insurance in Arizona

HOW TO GET THE BEST COMMERCIAL INSURANCE IN ARIZONAWhen you own your own business, you have a lot to think about. One of the most important considerations as a business owner is getting the right commercial insurance policy to cover your risk and liability and to protect yourself and your livelihood in case of accident, storm, fire, theft, or other ... Read More

5 Important Things to Know about Commercial Property Insurance

5 Important Things to Know aboutCommercial Property InsuranceWhen you own your own business and have commercial property, it’s important to understand everything you can about commercial property insurance. Commercial insurance is a key component to reducing your risk as a business owner and ensuring financial protection for your employees, your customers, and your livelihood. In this article we will discuss ... Read More

Your Guide to Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Your Guide to Homeowners Insurance CoverageWhen my brother and sister-in-law bought their first home, they were required by their bank to carry homeowners insurance to protect both the lender and themselves in the case of loss. At first, this seemed like another added expense in a long list of expenses that new home owners have. Because they were brand new ... Read More

Homeowners Insurance Coverage Water Damage

HOMEOWNERS INSURANCEInsurance Coverage for Water DamageOne of our clients recently went on a ski vacation with his family. They had a great few days on the slopes, gliding their way through the fresh powder of the new ski season. They rode the ski gondolas all day and drank hot cocoa by the fire all night. It was magical. But when ... Read More

Why being an independent insurance agent is an excellent career

Independent Insurance Agent

If you are wondering what career you want to choose for yourself coming out of college, or you are thinking about a career change, the intent of this article is to give you some food for thought about why being an independent insurance agent is an excellent career.  Helping people.  People need insurance.  Okay, maybe insurance in and of itself … Read More

Become an Independent Insurance Agent: Earn Back your Freedom

Insurance Agent
Become an Independent Insurance Agent: Earn Back your FreedomIf you make your living as an insurance agent, I immediately know a few things about you. First, I know that you care about people and you value being able to help them manage their risk so that they can protect themselves, their businesses, and their families from unforeseen misfortune and catastrophes. ... Read More