Become an independent insurance agent: earn back your freedom

Are you a captive insurance agent and feeling constrained by the insurance company you work for? Become an independent insurance agent and earn back your freedom. Being an insurance agent can be a fun and rewarding career; but why limit yourself to the constraints of only being able to offer your clients the product of one company. It really is like going hunting with only 1 arrow in your quiver. Once you use that 1 arrow, if you miss your target, you are done. Being an independent insurance agent is like having dozens of arrows in your quiver. If you miss with the first, you go to the second, third, and forth arrows, until you find the quote and product that is going to work best for your client. How great is that. You no longer have to try and fit that square peg into a round hole, which is sometimes how it feels as a captive agent, your doing your best, just sometimes you don’t have the right tools. As an independent agent, you will be able to do what is best for your clients and make a comfortable living as a professional. You’ll enjoy your career again. We know, most of us at IPA were former captive insurance agents ourselves.

But being an independent agent isn’t completely without its challenges. Each carrier you are appointed with will have certain production requirements. The more carriers you have, the more mouths you will be required to feed. You want as many companies as you can because the more you have the more competitive you will be; but it will be stressful when those carriers come knocking on your door asking for more production from you.

That is why you should join the team at Insurance Professionals of Arizona. IPA has established a turn key operation making it quick and easy for you to transition from being a captive agent into being an independent agent. By joining IPA, you have access to the best insurance companies and your not alone in trying to meet production requirements. With over 40 agents, we are able to keep the carriers happy. So happy in fact, we sometimes are offered higher commissions than the going market rate offered to other agencies.

Here are some of the benefits you will get by becoming an independent insurance agent:
* be able to offer the products of dozens of carriers instead of just one carrier
* be able to offer superior products with better coverage to your clients
* be able to offer lower pricing to your clients
* be able to retain more business by shopping renewals
* be able to get more referrals from happy clients
* earn higher commission percentages
* be able to have the freedom to market the way you want

Her are some of the benefits you will get by becoming an independent insurance agent with Insurance Professionals of Arizona:
* We pay for your E & O insurance
* You take advantage of the economies of scale
* Access to management system and comparative rater
* Training and support
* Peer support and feeback
* Higher commissions due to being part of a larger organization: earn up to 20% gross
* Other technology and systems to help you retain clients
* Training on lead generation, like how to use Facebook to generate leads

Insurance Professionals of Arizona has helped dozens of captive insurance agent transition to become independent insurance agents. Here are the stories of two agents who have seen great success making the change. You can watch their stories by clicking on their names.

Abe Bawden
Mark Dinsdale

Here is a sample of just some of the carriers you will be able to write business with when you join Insurance Professionals of Arizona.

So what are you waiting for. Now is the time to become an independent insurance agent. Take back your career and take back your freedom. Call 480-981-6338 for more information.

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