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This article is directed to property and casualty captive insurance agents who want to become independent insurance agents. There are many reasons you might want to consider making a move and join the world of independent agents. Here are a few to consider.

* Most independent agents have a higher commissions structure than captives
* More choices gives the independent agent the competitive advantage
* Freedom from the carrier telling you what to do
* Do what is best for your client not for the carrier
* Find more satisfaction in your career as you are able to help more people
* Less worry about corporate moves that will impact your earning potential
* Higher retention rates
* Higher close ratio

Now comes the reasons you want to join Insurance Professionals of Arizona as an independent insurance agent.
* More carrier options
* Higher earnings potential and higher commissions
* Technology that makes your job easier
* Training
* Back end support
* Establish agency
* Less administrative burden
* Advertising dollars in the form of co-op money
* Opportunity to earn trips and other awards

For more information on becoming an agent with Insurance Professionals of Arizona please call 480-981-6338 and ask to speak with Kent Stewart.

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