How to beat the heat


Arizona is one of the hottest places on earth from June to September. In addition to being rough, the heat can actually be harmful. People can suffer from heat-related illnesses when their bodies cannot appropriately cool themselves. Every year, people in Arizona get sick and even die from extreme heat.
The good news is that heat-related illnesses and deaths are avoidable. Learn to beat the heat to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.
Cool Down
Beat the Heat Keep yourself cool to avoid heat-related illness.
Stay inside during the hottest times of the day. Seek out air-conditioned locations, such as libraries or malls.
Do not rely on a fan as your main cooling device. Getting wet in the shower or bath, then sitting in front of the fan may make it more efficient, but taking advantage of air conditioning is your best bet.
Take cool showers or baths.
Avoid outdoor activities or limit them to the morning and evening hours. Avoid direct sunlight.
If you do go outside, wear loose, light-colored clothing and use a shade hat or an umbrella to block the sun.
Check on those most at-risk twice a day.
Drink Up
Drink a lot of fluid to substitute what you lose through sweat, which is your body’s way of cooling itself.
Drink more water than normal.
Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink fluids.
Avoid alcohol, caffeinated beverages, or liquids containing high amounts of sugar.
Remind others to drink more water than usual.
Plan Ahead
Check the weather forecast and plan heat-safe activities when it’s hot outside.
Check the local news for dangerous heat alerts and safety tips.
Pace yourself, schedule breaks from outside activities, and seek out shade.
Plan to eat many small meals and snacks rather than a few big meals.
Learn the signs of heat illness. If you think someone has a heatstroke, seek medical attention immediately and begin cooling that person.

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