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Wildfires Increase in Arizona


Anyone who is paying attention knows Arizona is in a horrible drought. Much of the state in extreme drought conditions and most of the rest is in severe drought conditions. The lack of rain in the state has made for wildfires to pop up, what seems like almost daily, and without rain, the occurrence and intensity of the wildfires will only get worse.

Most people who own a home or vacation home in Northern Arizona probably have homeowners insurance that will take care of them in the event their home burns down in a wildfire; but what if your home insurance policy actually prevented your home from burning in the first place and could save your home and your contents even when a fire was raging all around.

A few insurance companies have decided as part of their insurance policy to proactively protect homes rather than retroactively just pay for the damage after a fire takes its toll. These insurance companies have contracted with third party fire protection companies who actually monitor all wildfires and send out crews to create fire lines and will even put a protective gel coating on the structure of their insureds homes to make sure it doesn’t catch fire, even when a fire may be burning all around.

If you are the kind of person who would rather be proactive to protect your home from burning down, rather than trying to go through a miserable rebuild after the devastation has occurred, you might want to consider purchasing home insurance from a reputable carrier that offers this proactive wildfire protection service.

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