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Who is the #1 insurance agent in Mesa AZ? Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the subject. There are a lot of really good insurance agents and frankly a lot of poor insurance agents. What’s the difference between a really good or even great insurance agent and one that you might want to avoid doing business with. Here are some things to consider when choosing who you trust to write your insurance policy.

1. Integrity. Integrity has been described as what someone does when nobody else is looking. An insurance agent with integrity means they are someone you can trust to do the right thing for you behind the scenes. This type of agent puts his or her clients first, ahead of their own needs. They become one of your trusted advisors that you allow to help look after your financial well-being. Someone who when they make a recommendation you know it is in your best interest and not their own.

2. Experience. Wisdom is forged by experience. Experience can come with time but can also come with….well experience. Dealing with an insurance agent who has had a lot of experience, or who has had exposure to many different insurance policy types is beneficial for the consumer. Consumers should question an agent’s background and then judge if they believe that the agent has a good experience.

3. Knowledge and Education. Every agent passes the state examination to obtain their insurance license. However, not every agent continues to grow in their profession by continuing with their education. There are professional designations in the insurance industry that set some agents apart from others. Look for agents that have designations that show their commitment to furthering their understanding of insurance. The Certified Insurance Counselor is an industry top designation.

4. Independent. An insurance agent who is not employed or beholden to any one insurance company will have the freedom to do what is in the client’s best interest instead of the company he or she is employed by.

5. Choices. Expanding on #4, an independent agent will have choices and options which increases the odds they can fit the policy to the client instead of trying to fit the client to the policy. The more carriers an agent has access to, the better it is for the consumer. If you are dealing with an agent that has only 1 choice or only a few choices, they may be trying to fit you into their insurance policy instead of making their insurance policy to fit you.

6. Longevity. It is not easy to make it as an insurance agent. The first few years can be grueling until a client base is established. For this reason, many agents enter into the industry only to be gone within the first two years. Even more, leave years 3 through 5. You will want an agent who has been in business for a good number of years which proves they have staying power and won’t be bailing on you.

7. Awards. Awards signify the agent you are doing business with is doing something right. To earn awards an agent needs to know how to write good insurance. You might want to ask your agent what awards he or she has won.

Kent Stewart

Certified Insurance Counselor

I’ll stop short of saying Kent Stewart is the #1 insurance agent in Mesa AZ. However, if you judge based upon any of the factors indicated in this blog, he would have to be considered in running.

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